Thursday, July 3, 2008

Paw Paw Works in 4 Ways

Paw Paw works in four different ways.
1. Cancer cells gobble as much glucose as they can get. Paw Paw inhibits the glucose energy from producing and reaching these cells.
2. Paw Paw inhibits the development of blood vessels growing near tumors-(angiogenesis). Blood vessels cannot carry the glucose to the cancer cells. Cancer cells cannot be fed and cannot metastasize and spread throughout the body.
3. Paw Paw inhibits the DNA and RNA of cancer, the blueprints of life, from replicating so that these abnormal cells (fungus) can’t divide.
4. Some cancer cells have a unique pump that pumps out chemotherapy before they enter the cells to kill them. That’s why chemotherapy is not always effective. Paw Paw, instead, inhibits the energy that keeps the pumps working and Paw Paw can enter these fungal mutated cells and these cells die. In vitro studies done in Wayne State University shows Paw Paw’s ability to destroy these multiple drug resistant cells – cells resistant to different forms of chemo. At Wayne State University a study showed that compared to a standard chemotherapy drug, adriamyacin, that Paw Paw was extremely powerful in knocking out cancer cells. The Abbott study on mice leukemia and lung cancer showed Paw Paw to be almost a million times more powerful than adriamyacin in destroying these types of cancer. A study at Purdue with the Upjohn Company again on mice leukemia proved Paw Paw to be 300 times more potent than the standard drug called Taxol. This study cost $66,000. All this work was completed in 1993 and Dr. McLaughin stated, “I’ve been stuggling trying to get people to recognize this ever since. This was published in the Life Sciences journal in 1993.”