Thursday, July 3, 2008


Pneumonia –

Kate thought she was in good health and led a good lifestyle. She exercised daily, she didn’t snack on sweets and chips and she was conscious of the Canada Food Guide groups. Then she got the flu and she couldn’t get better. The flu led to pneumonia. Even with antibiotics she could not get better. After 8 weeks of not getting better a friend recommended that she talk to Donna Roth. Donna suggested the following “fool proof” herbal program. No milk, No sugar, No yeast, No wheat, Green Zone with orange juice twice a day, Syner Protein, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 2oz a day, Mullein 8 a day. Within 3 days she found herself whistling. Her energy was up and her thought processes allowed her to express herself clearly. The pneumonia was gone and has not returned. She was so excited that she has been sharing her story with all of her friends.