Thursday, July 3, 2008

Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer –

In January/05 one man’s PSA test showed 6 and the doctor was suspicious of cancer. There was blood in his urine, a lot of blood in the semen and the testicles were sore. However the doctor prescribed an antibiotic in case of infection. The bleeding did not stop. This man then proceeded to do the Paw Paw program: Paw Paw 3 / 4x a day, Protease Plus 3 / 3x a day on an empty stomach, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1oz / 2x a day, Zinc 25mg a day, Noni juice at night. Within 6 weeks the doctor did a scope examination and a PSA test. The PSA read one and the doctor said “You don’t have any cancer in here.”