Saturday, November 5, 2011

Listen to Your Gut

A healthy intestinal environment is
the very foundation of good health.
And one of the best ways to keep
your intestines in good health is to
ensure a proper balance of gut flora
(friendly bacteria).
Having a healthy population of
gut flora alleviates several uncomfortable
conditions like gas and
bloating, diarrhea, constipation,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, yeast
overgrowth and general intestinal
But that’s just the beginning. The
benefits of maintaining good intestinal
bacteria levels go far beyond
easing intestinal discomforts. Gut
flora produce certain B vitamins
and even omega-3 fatty acids.
They’re responsible for producing
digestive enzymes like lactase, and
powerful immune factors.
But this critical ecosystem is
fragile and easily disturbed. Some
antibiotics can completely kill off
Hippocrates said...
Eating alone will not keep a
man well; he must also take
exercise. For food and exercise,
while possessing opposite qualities,
yet work together to produce
—Hippocrates, 5th Century
Do vitamins extend
In a UCLA report in 1992 it was
announced that men who took
800 mg a day of vitamin C lived
six years longer than those who
consumed the FDA's recommended
daily allowance of
60 mg a day. The study, which
evaluated 11,348 participants
over a ten year period of time,
showed that high vitamin C
intake extended average life
span and reduced mortality from
cardiovascular disease by 42%.
This study was published in the
journal Epidemiology (1992;
3:3, pp 194-202).
In another study involving
11,178 participants (published in
The American Journal of
Clinical Nutrition August 1996),
those who took vitamin C and E
supplements experienced a 42%
reduction in overall mortality.
Yellow pigment is a
potent antioxidant
Science has discovered that
turmeric, the yellow compound
in curcumin, has some impressive
antioxidant properties.
Some of its published benefits
include cardiovascular support,
and reduced inflammation. You
can find turmeric in the NSP’s
Super Trio Pack.
Healthy Bits
the beneficial bacteria in the gut.
Steroid drugs like cortisone and
prednisone, as well as birth control
pills and chemotherapy can also
upset your gut flora. In addition,
poor nutrition and weak digestion
can impair the efficiency of intestinal
bacteria, as can stress, trauma,
surgery, or parasitic infestation.
When the number or activity
level of your good bacteria drops
too low, it opens the door for harmful
bacteria to proliferate, allowing
the opportunity for diseases to
Keeping your population of
friendly bacteria up is an important
step to good health. To restore
friendly bacteria take a daily supplement
and you’ll soon be back in
Supplement daily with
Bifidophilus Flora Force or