Saturday, November 5, 2011

Study on Ginseng and the Common Cold

Common cold meets
its match in ancient herb
A University of Western Ontario
and University of Alberta team
found that ginseng extracts
"have been found to have the
potential to modulate both natural
and acquired immune
responses." The four-month test
involved 280 subjects between
18 and 65 years of age. At the
conclusion of the test 10% of
the ginseng group reported only
experiencing two or more colds
during the cold/flu season. More
than double that percentage
reported having caught colds in
the placebo group.
In another study from the
Journal of the American
Geriatric Society, 2004, 200 elderly
subjects were given either
ginseng extract or a placebo during
flu season. At the end of the
study, researchers found the
incidence of influenza was considerably
higher in the placebo
group than the ginseng group.
Hand washing best
According to Health Canada the
best prevention against catching
a virus is frequent hand washing.
Most germs are caught
through hand to eye, face and
mouth contact.