Saturday, November 5, 2011

Multiple Supplement Users in Better Health

A 2007 study presented in Nutrition
Journal concludes that individuals
who take multiple supplements are
in better health and have fewer diseases
than those who don’t take
supplements or those who take only
a single supplement. According to
the study, this is due to higher
nutrient concentrations in the body.
Disease risk factors that decreased
with the increased use of supplements
included elevated homocysteine
levels, triglycerides, the ratio
of HDL-to-LDL cholesterol, and
the level of pro-inflammatory biomarkers.
In this study those who took multiple
supplements were 73% less
likely to have diabetes. Multiplesupplement
users had a 39%
decrease in the risk of high blood
pressure and had healthier levels of
homocysteine, triglycerides and
LDL cholesterol, risk factors of
heart disease.
Multiple-supplement users were
defined as individuals who took a
multi-vitamin/mineral supplement,
B-complex, vitamins C, E, and D,
antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids,
and herbal supplements on a regular
basis over a prolonged period of
What’s news in this study is that
it demonstrates the superior health
benefits achieved by taking multiple
combined nutrients in forms of
vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,
fatty acids and herbs. Those who
took just one single supplement—
say vitamin C only—did not fare as
well in the study.
Prestigious medical journal
recommends adults
take supplements to
prevent disease
It wasn’t that long ago that the
Journal of the American Medical
Association startled the medical
world with the recommendation
that, in addition to a healthy
lifestyle, adults take a multi-vitamin/
mineral supplement for the
prevention of chronic life-threatening
diseases. This was an astonishing
admission, since for decades
mainstream medicine would not
budge from its insistence that one
can get all the nutrition needed
from a balanced diet. However,
with mounting evidence and solid
science behind the use of higher
levels of vitamins and minerals,
modern medicine was forced to do
an about-face.
So, follow your doctor’s orders—
with that apple a day, don’t forget
your supplements.
Multiple supplement
users in better health,