Saturday, November 5, 2011

Migraine Headahes

Migraine Facts: Know the
It is estimated that 30 million North
Americans suffer from migraine
headaches on a regular basis.
For unknown reasons, migraine
headaches are three times more
common in women than
in men. Most migraine sufferers
(about 60 percent) experience their
first attack before the age of twenty.
Symptoms of migraine may
• Moderate to severe pain on one
or both sides of the head
• Pulsating or throbbing pain
• Pain worse with physical activity
• Nausea with or without vomiting
• Sensitivity to light or sound
Approximately 20 percent of people
with migraines experience
what's called an aura prior to the
migraine. Symptoms of an aura
include flashes of light, zig zags, or
blind spots in your vision or tingling
in one arm or leg.
There is a natural solution called
Feverfew. Feverfew has traditionally
been used to alleviate or lessen
the severity of migraine headaches,
and to reduce the intensity and
Plant relief for migraine sufferers
duration of migraine headaches.
High Potency Feverfew provides
six times more parthenolides—its
active ingredient—per capsule than
the regular feverfew supplements
sold on the market.
For the most
effective relief
take High
Feverfew on a
regular basis to
reduce the frequency
intensity of
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