Monday, May 3, 2021

Success by Daniel April /21


Success story:

Introduction: On January 9, 2021 I had a spontaneous fulminating event in my lower neck. It was subsequently diagnosed as a hemorrhagic cyst associated with my thyroid and was sizeable: 7.5cms or so in diameter.  I developed a number of related symptoms….pain, headache, hoarseness and low energy that were largely relieved by partial draining of the cyst in mid-January and early February. I was advised by the specialist that it would probably fill up again over time with compressive symptoms returning and that I would require further aspiration or a partial thyroidectomy. I had done TAFYH 7 years previously and had largely followed TAFYH principles in the intervening years with periodic slippage rationalized by a range of excuses. I contacted Donna and she advised a paw paw/chelation protocol which I started in early February and also thought that doing TAFYH again would be a good idea. So for the month prior to starting TAFYH 60 I was doing my own pre-TAFYH whence the duration below on weight loss.


December 8, 2020:          197.1lbs

January 9, 2021:                197.1lbs (estimated)

April 22, 2021:                    179.7lbs

Weight loss:                       17.4lbs

Losing 17.4 lbs has me at a weight I haven’t recorded as an adult and it actually feels quite comfortable. My physical abilities are the same. 180 lbs is my calculated optimal weight based on BMI and other metrics. So very pleased about this. There may be some muscle loss as I haven’t been doing a lot of weight bearing activities since January. That is now on my to-do list.


BSQ comparison:


February 8, 2021

April 22, 2021







































Some of the symptoms that I checked on the February 8th BSQ aren’t totally resolved and so still get partial scores. Nonetheless as the totals indicate there has been a significant improvement which I’m thrilled about. This is the thing with TAFYH, although there may be an initial focus on a particularly significant condition, slowly but surely a more generalized sense of wellbeing starts to take hold over time. I still have the cyst, most of the related compressive symptoms have largely eased or resolved and so I intend to keep going with the program as opting for surgery at this stage does not feel right.

As with any process there have been up days and down days. That said the trend over the past few months has been towards vibrant, vigorous health. I remember reading somewhere that when there is a felt sense of improvement in an aspect of well-being that it represents at least a 25% improvement. Things that have noticeably improved are:

Energy/Enthusiasm levels. It is now comfortable to walk at a brisk pace (6km/h) for 40 mins and to be enjoying the walk as opposed to wondering when it will be over. Some days I’ll go for two of those walks. Now I look forward to my walks whereas in the early stages of TAFYH that was not always the case. I’m looking forward to adding more strength related activity to my regimen and of course only as feels right.

Sleep: Some days I still nap although not as frequently as before. I infrequently waken more than once which is also quite delightful. Sleep periods are generally closer to 8 hours again an improvement. I’m looking at acquiring a CPAP to further improve sleep quality.

Joint inflammation. I’ve noticed an improvement here too and whereas previously I had accepted this as a normal aging affliction I’m now motivated to add periodic kidney flushes to my health plan and challenge that self-limiting belief.

Brain Fog: I have noticed glimpses of improvement in this domain also and now have the tools to support that development

OCD tendencies: in the past week or so I’ve noticed a certain diminishment in this arena for me particularly in regards to COVID 19 related stuff.

Desire for sugar in the form of bread, grains and alcohol have largely dissipated. This has been partly due to replacing conventional bread with flaxseed bread in the case of bread/grains. This was a step I didn’t take after my first TAFYH and I think is instructive. Deprivation without a replacement is sustainable for a period of time and probably not indefinitely.

Food A related shift for me has been experimenting with different vegetables and products thus increasing the variety and leading to being more satisfied in a healthy way. We have access to grass fed beef, bison and venison locally here so that has increased the variety from just salmon….delicious as it is and eggs.

Cooking: I’m broiling/boiling more of my food than previously with sauteeing being a treat rather than the norm. I also continue to roast ingredients occasionally.


Candida Test: no change from initial one done in March which was indicative of candida being present. I’ll redo in a month or so.






March 10, 2021



March 11, 2021



March 12, 2021






April 21, 2021



April 22, 2021



April 23, 2021







Current body temperature (measured under tongue) is essentially unchanged since early March. Normal is 37C. This metric does speak to me and is a focus to raise mine closer to 37C.


Health Plan

A: Activate with Cat’s Claw and exercise like: brisk walking hiking and yard work (equivalent to 20-30 km/week)

B: Build by eating the right foods, especially red coloured like salmon, beef, bison and venison. Two superfood smoothies/day containing: Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Hull Lignans, Collagen, blueberries and Ultimate Greenzone

C: Cleanse with Psyllium hulls, LBS 11 water and liquid Chlorophyll

D: Direct support for:

Thyroid and circulation: MC, CoQ10, Omega 3, Paw Paw, Protease Plus, SilverGuard

Urinary: Cranberry buchu

Prostate: Saw Palmetto

E: Express and journal gratitude

Minimize Inflammation sources:

1.       Minimize exposure to environmental toxins externally and at home

2.       Judicious consumption of alcohol. This statement is the result of serious deliberation on this topic.

3.       Occasional consumption of pastured dairy products.

4.       Continue to expand the range of right foods to provide variety and ensure sustainability.

5.       Incorporate saunas.


Periodic Cleanses:

Colon: covered in Daily Health Plan

Kidney: do monthly for the next 6 months or until joint inflammation remedied

Liver/gall bladder: repeat on a 3-month cycle for balance of 2021


TAG Team: although I had a natural resistance to involving others in a very personal topic and to impose on their time I quickly got over my inhibitions and asked more than the 6 prescribed. I was delighted at the response with some even saying they were honoured. The regular comments and support became something I looked forward to and that lifted me. As time went on I did include some personal aspects with the reports to add a little color and stretch myself. I’m very grateful to my TAG Team for their contribution


Conclusion: I’m grateful for the reinvigorating health plan that has evolved and for the immediate improvements as noted above. My unwavering belief to create vigorous, vibrant health has deepened. Thank you Donna for continuing to offer TAFYH, for being so generous with your time and leading us so ably daily. Thanks also to my coparticipants who were inspiring in how they participated and without whom this particular constellation wouldn’t have happened. And finally thank you to my TAG team who added their unwavering support and humour along the way.