Monday, May 3, 2021

TAFYH Evaluation by Lynn April /21


Ahha & Concept Statements:

Choosing only two statements per lesson was definitely a challenge.  However, it really helped to sift through the information in the lesson to gain a better understanding, make it more tangible and be able to apply it more easily. 


The time was easy to incorporate in your day.  It was a very positive and enriching way to start the day! 


Participation is integral in this program.  You not only learn the Laws of Nature, you’re also applying them which definitely gives it more impact.  

Having a team of 6 + Donna was very manageable.  Saying ‘Good Morning!’, sharing our two statements and stating our daily commitment every morning is engaging.  It is our only connection to the other members of the Team, therefore very important. 

The TAG Team is a fun and supportive way to share what we’ve learned. 


The lessons are very well laid out.  They seemed to flow with each topic.  

Incorporating the information with the herbs and the cleanses is very effective. 

Everything we learned in TAFYH relates to our overall health and helps us to develop a healthy daily routine.  


The structure provides a very supportive way to develop and integrate a new healthy routine.

I like how the program is organized.  It follows an order that is very well thought out and it ties in with each topic. It flows seamlessly. 

The group size is perfect (6) - not overwhelming and it gave us time to ask questions.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the conference call set up, but it works very well and is effective. 

I enjoyed hearing the gratitude statements and the weekly accomplishments. 


Much of the information was familiar to me, however, through this program, I learned how to put it together.

Applying the information and experiencing the benefits first hand is also crucial in the success of incorporating this program in our daily health routine. 

I really enjoyed your additional comments in the daily emails as well. 

Including practical recipes (e.g. flaxseed bread, chocolate avocado pudding, peppermint patties, DIY household cleaners, essential oils) is very helpful. 

Adding the herbal supplements and remedies to the different body systems and conditions was effective and was important to me. 

Adding quotes and cartoons are a fun way to bring the messages into focus. 



Saying out loud ‘I commit to...’ at every class definitely made me keep my commitments - very powerful! 

I am thrilled that all members of Team #60 stuck it out and completed the program. 

I was also amazed at the support and encouragement of my TAG Team. 


Applying what we learned in the lessons is very effective in understanding and retaining what we need to do to stay healthy as well as help us to start a new daily routine. 

Completing the cleanses were very effective. 


Everything that we learned is relevant to our health and overall well being.  Developing a healthy daily routine is vital to the success of maintaining good health. 

 Reaching Others:

Win-win situation with having the TAG Team - Support for me (the participant) and great information for the members of the TAG Team.  I so appreciated their comments, encouragement and questions. 

The reports to the TAG Team is an excellent way to make the information more tangible and ‘stick’ better.  It reinforces what I learned during the lesson. 

 BSQ’s as Form of Measurement:

The BSQ is an easy high level measurement to determine your overall health by body systems and to monitor your progress. It is a very good starting point for measuring your health level and which body system is most in need of nutritional support. 


I appreciate your passion for health, the Laws of Nature, and your dedication to sharing your extensive knowledge through the TAFYH program.  

Thank You for your commitment to Team 60 - always being on time, prepared, supportive and encouraging.  

I also appreciate the simplicity in which the information is laid out - one topic/lesson, easy to understand concepts and the repetition of the daily assignments. It works!! 

I also appreciate the dedication of our team and look forward to hearing their success stories. 


Thank You for empowering me to Take Action For My Health and to help others do the same. 



TAFYH Team 60