Monday, May 3, 2021

Success by Lynn April /21

 Body Systems Questionnaire:

February 9, 2021 Total 23

Circulation: 5, Nervous: 4, Digestive: 4

April 13, 2021 Total 9

Circulation: 3, Nervous: 0, Digestive: 0

(Still experiencing occasional dizziness, varicose veins same)

 Body Temperature:

Above 36*C 5 times this week compared to once or twice a week for the first 4 weeks. 

(3 times last week).


Candida Saliva Test:

March 1 - Yes

April 21 - Yes 

Candida Cleanse to be completed and added to Health Plan

 Symptoms Change:


Abdominal pain/discomfort: gone 

Absent-mindedness or forgetfulness:  much improved (clearer and sharper thinking)

Anxiety, nervousness, tension: much improved 

Dizziness or lightheaded:  no change

Food sits heavy in stomach: gone

Itchy nose and ears:  not as frequent or intense, but not gone entirely

Varicose veins:  no change 


Other -

Pain in right side:  improved, not as frequent of intense (still a mystery - not ovary, not hip)

Salty taste in mouth: gone

Redness on fingers: gone

Tingling in fingers: gone

Spasms in abdomen: gone

Irregular Bowels: Regular (2/day)

Heart thumping:  gone

Odd tingling in lower right shoulder area:  less frequent and less intense

Tongue is more pink than pasty 

Wake up more energized and ready to take on the day

 Success Story:

Within a week, my heart wasn’t thumping anymore and haven’t experienced any thumping since. 

Also in the first week, I noticed my urine flow was more full.  I had no previous awareness of any issue.

Completing the cleanses was very beneficial and will incorporate these in my annual Health Plan.  I didn’t experience any outstanding effects, but felt better overall - more energy, lighter and clearer.  

My posture has improved, I feel taller and more open. 

Another significant measurable change was my metabolic age dropped from 52 (Feb. 11) to 40 (Apr. 12).  

 Completing the TAFYH program has given me invaluable information about 

overall health (body, mind, spirit, environment)  

the Laws of Nature, 

the power of therapeutic herbs and remedies, 

a healthy daily routine of Super Foods Smoothies, drinking water with chlorophyll and eating the right foods, ionic breathing, exercise, expressing/journaling gratitude, 

an active therapeutic Health Plan (A - Activate, B - Build, C - Cleanse, D - Direct herbals for specific body system, E - Emotions + Identifying Sources of Inflammation) 

 I am now empowered to improve and maintain my health from this day forward and to help others do the same. 

 My healthy body is full of warmth, full of vigor, full of radiant energy, full of magnetism, full of beauty and full of of power.