Monday, May 3, 2021

TAFYH Evaluation by Daniel


As mentioned I did TAFYH previously in 2014 and got lots from it and have recommended it in the interim to friends and family members some of whom who have also taken it. I even led a number of programs myself. So what do I now like about TAFYH

Time: The early morning start time worked well for me. We started at 7:30 am and the adherence to keeping the duration around 15 minutes made it quite doable.

Good morning: although initially it felt a little over the top it then became authentic, fun and uplifting

Vision Board: again I have a natural resistance to such artistic things and yet I was glad I did it. I now have an urge to add more colour to mine and perhaps even update it. The act of keeping it in mind during the day is still a work in progress. Would be interesting to hear how others deal with this as I think it is a very important tool.

Health Statement: similarly very excellent exercise to focus on, clarify and to write it down

Health Plan: excellent way to focus the attention and to have a record to refer to periodically as a reminder. Updating as required is of course good too.

Ahhas and Concepts: This was an excellent way to really focus on the content of the lesson and determine what really spoke to me. Sometimes there were more than just 2 items which was the limit and that was ok too. I also liked hearing what others chose.

Exercise and ionic breathing: after a few weeks it was like brushing my teeth….couldn’t miss it even when there was a beckoning excuse…tired etc. The ionic breathing was unwieldy to begin with and is now second nature…lovely

Candida Test, Body temperature, weight and BP were instructive lessons and a great way to get very important biofeedback. I’m excited to see how this progresses for me.

Bowel, Kidney and Liver/gallbladder cleanses were well located in the program and although the gall bladder was quite intense it was the one that seemed to go deepest.

Gratitude and create: I often wondered what was I going to write as a gratitude and invariably something important always came up that without the routine I would have missed. So I’m now looking forward to continuing this practice.

The Friday acknowledgement exercise…challenging for me sometimes and still a good idea

Progress chart: empowering and cause for daily celebration of achievement to check off each days routines as they’re done

TAG Team: although I had a natural resistance to involving others in a very personal topic and to impose on their time I quickly got over my inhibitions and asked more than the 6 prescribed. I was delighted at the response with some even saying they were honoured. The regular comments and support became something I looked forward to. As time went on I did include some personal aspects with the reports to add a little color and stretch myself. I’m very grateful to my TAG Team for their contribution

Your Enthusiasm and support was unwavering Donna especially with Dave at the beginning. Your words “we don’t leave anyone behind” are imprinted in my psyche. Thank you for modelling that level of acceptance and support.


I frequently talked with Dave and found that a useful process. Pairing participants up in the beginning …like a buddy system to discuss things and be supportive could be helpful and add to the group dynamic.

Conclusion: Even 7 years later this TAFYH has very quickly upped my game and has added to what I thought possible in the realm of creating health for myself and others. Like Meror in a recent gratitude I too was very pleased to hear that his son Joss, a young family man, reporting being able to golf in allergy season when previously that and many other things I imagine would have been either impossible or very uncomfortable.