Monday, May 3, 2021

TAFYH by Cynthia April /21


Success Story: 

·         Candida saliva test became clear 

·         Weight from 131 lbs to 119 lbs 

·         Body temp went from 36.0 to 36.4 

·         Sleep is better and able to wake up in the morning without feeling groggy 

·         Eczema went from severe to mild 

·         Tingling and pain from hands and feet are gone 

Body System Questionnaire: 


Before: 54 - Circulatory 6, Nervous 8, Immune 6, Glandular 12 

After: 14 - Circulatory 2, Glandular 3, Structural 3, Reproductive 2 



·         Yes, others will urge you into their educated beliefs, luring you away from your desired health vision. 

·         Grains contain opiates. 

·         Since the dawn of recorded history plants have been the primary source of medicine for people throughout the world. Plants have been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. 

·         The oral ingestion of herbs plays a significant part in optimal health. 

·         Candida is the state of having more harmful bacteria and yeast than beneficial bacteria. 

·         As Candida is fed it produces all kinds of poisons that enter the blood stream and impede with nutrient and oxygen flow. 

·         “Super Foods” is a term we use to describe those foods we do not buy in the grocery stores. They are loaded with high dense nutrition that are easily assimilated and used by the stem cells. 

·         If antibiotics are used within the first 6 months of life the gut bacteria can permanently shift and may be associated with future childhood problems such as digestive issues, tooth decay, increased inflammation, changes in mood, sleep patterns, fecal incontinence, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. 

·         The yeast grows hyphae roots or tendrils and these tendrils literally poke holes in the lining of the intestinal wall thereby causing a condition known as leaky gut syndrome. 

·         In diabetes lectins have been known to cause inflammatory response in the pancreatic islets. 

·         We have learned about leaky gut and how sugar, Candida, lectins, drugs, and heavy metals can cause leaky gut. 

·         Optimal core body temperature is 98.6F (37C), the temperature in which all body chemical reactions occur to maintain health. 

·         The liver detoxifies the blood as a “backup system” for the elimination channels. 

·         The secret is to carry Cat’s Claw with you wherever you go. It is one herbal combination I never leave home without.  I urge you to have Cat’s Claw and Silver Guard at home for those times when you might harbor an infection. 

·         Note that there will never be a cure for the cold because the cold is the cure in and of itself. 

·         Your liver can move toxins out through the skin and you end up with skin conditions such as dandruff, rashes, etc. 

·         It is my belief that many common drugs such as antibiotics, steroid drugs, birth control drugs, vaccinations are also getting into the water system thereby affecting our health unknowingly. 


Starting at 7:30 am worked out perfectly. 20 mins of this course worked out around my schedule, especially when it came to getting my children up and around for school. This also helped with being on schedule and remaining self-disciplined. I am not a morning person but being in this course and looking after my health has made major improvements and I am now someone who has energy to get up in the morning without feeling groggy.  



It was amazing to learn that we can heal our bodies with herbs and not medication. As indigenous I have always known this but school teaches us differently. Our ancestors used herbs as healing and sacred practices. Nowadays we have lost many of those teachings. Learning the use of all this through TAFYH brings this back into perspective and relearn what we have lost.  



The structure of this course was beautifully designed. Very simple to follow and go back to re-look at everything we learned. It was amazing to be on call and interact with everyone else and share our commitment, AHHAS statements, and our gratitude and creating of the day. 



From the beginning of this course, we had to comit ourselves to TAFYH. Each day we had to be accountable and in charge of completing the required assignments. It took up very little time but very crucial for our health. This also help with self-discipline.  



Balancing our health is part of our physical being, in hand with our spiritual, mentally, and emotional being.  Looking after our health is just as important as looking after our mind, body, and spirit.  A healthy being is looking after all four components of our being.  


BSQ’s as form of measurement: 

I found the BSQ’s helpful. They help target where you need to work on in your health areas.  



As I said under education. I as indigenous, my ancestors lived of the land. They knew how to use medicine in their own back yard. Since residential school happened, a lot of this knowledge has been lost. Not only that, our language was lost. Bringing this back and having the knowledge of herbs as medicine again will be a life changing effect. This will be a rippling effect on planet Earth. This information needs to get out there. It’s time we start changing the world for the better, especially when it comes to our health. No more relying on Pharmacare. We need to be healthy, not sick!