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1000Herbal Success Stories 18 - 27

1000 Herbal Success #18 -27
18.Hair Loss
J had a real problems with her hair. It was flat and dead and it was not growing. Her hair was getting thinner and thinner and falling out. She had not gone to the hairdresser for at least nine months. In exasperation she decided to take a different avenue. She started a Nature’s Sunshine herbal program. J changed her diet and eliminated all sugar ,all grains and dairy. She started to take Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Super Omega-3, Vitamin D3, and Calcium Magnesium. However the key to this program was HSN-W, an herbal combination for hair, skin and nails. Within a short period of time her hair began growing thicker, the curls were coming back at it was much more manageable. J was very excited!
19. Eye Problems
V was very concerned about her eyesight. She noticed that her eyes would discharge a thick type of mucus especially first thing in the morning. Seeing clearly was difficult and she resorted to squinting. Consequently she decided to look after her eyes using a nutritional program. She eliminated sugar, grains, legumes, and dairy from her diet. She incorporated an herbal program of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, All Cell Detox, Perfect Eyes and Super Omega 3. Within about a month the eyes cleared up, there was no more discharge and no more squinting.
20. Insomnia
M had a terrible problem falling asleep. She did the doctor route and the doctor simply sent her for every test in town. No answers were given and no test resolved the insomnia. M was also undergoing a very stressful time with huge concerns for her unwell mother. In researching the solution to her sleeping problem M realized that she was very mineral deficient. She was awakened to a serious mineral deficiency. Consequently she eliminated foods that were mineral depleters such as sugars, alcohol, grains, legumes dairy and she started to use high doses of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic , about 2 ounces a day along with Super Omega 3 and Cal/Mag. Within a week M felt a huge difference and in 2 weeks when the mineral levels were re-established sleeping fell into place. “ I felt the puzzle pieces were coming together and that I had crossed a big health barrier. It was like getting through a toll gate. Now I knew that my health of my whole body was going to continue to increase.”
21. Cracked feet
J’s feet were in terrible shape. They were all cracked around the heels and the cracks were bleeding. They looked like the cracks of dry soil in the desert. The feet were just in terrible shape. The cracking started at the ankles and worked all the way down to the sole of the foot. However in about four months all the cracks in the feet and the ankles totally disappeared when J did the following program : Super Omega-3 about 2 to 3 capsules a day, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 2 ounces a day, Cats Claw Combination about two a day, and All of Cell Detox about two a day. Sugars, grains, dairy were eliminated. Within about four months the bleeding stopped the cracks healed and the health of the feet were restored.
22 Heart Palpitations, Anxiety , Arthritis
E felt terrible inside. She felt confused and experienced a racing heart, high blood pressure and arthritis. As a matter of fact she regularly took high blood pressure medication. At that time her heart palpitations were terrible. Her heart would beat very heavily boom, boom, boom! She could feel it in her throat and could hear it in her ears. She had experienced a lot of anxiety and was worried about her health condition. She would often feel a bit better in the morning. However, after eating rolled oats, toast, agave, with milk she would feel a certain nervousness. She had felt these symptoms for years. Finally, one day she had an opportunity to talk to Donna Roth. E decided to change her diet and to eliminate sugars, grains, and dairy. She started taking Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 2 ounces a day; Cats Claw Combination, Super Omega-3, and MC. Within about three weeks she started noticing a huge difference. Her heart stopped pounding at night. She could now get up from a chair and walk without seizing up from her arthritic pain. Her nervousness and anxiety had subsided. The energy had increased. Now she was sleeping so much better when she used Magnesium at bedtime . LBS11 helped her bowels move so much better. And she finally weaned off all the blood pressure medication. What a great accomplishment!
23. Eyes, Pain in the Head
Edith’s eyes bothered her terribly. She experienced a lot of pain in the back of the head. She started using Perfect Eyes about 4 capsules two times a day along with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 2 ounces a day and Cats Claw Combination and Super Omega 3. She is excited to report that the pains in the head have totally subsided, and the health of the eyes has been totally restored.
24. Feeling Sick
Tiff was in a horrible state of health. “I was really sick. It was really horrible. I couldn't digest my food; I was tired all the time. I had no energy. Life was very hard. I used to go running every day but for the last two years I could not run. And this was at peak season for me. I was also overweight." Tiff decided to get on board a herbal health program. She stopped sugar, alcohol, grains, legumes, and dairy. Mud Pies , Sugar Free, Grain Free, Dairy Free Recipes became her lifestyle. She took supplements such as Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Cats Claw Combination, Chlorophyll, and Super Omega 3. Within a short period of time Tiff lost 12 pounds and she began running again. Her energy is back and she is feeling terrific. She recently brought two friends on board. She influenced them in the direction of health as well. “I’ll just keep doing this!"
25. Losing Weight in doing the Cancer Program
B is presently on the Paw Paw Program for cancer. By cutting out sugar 100%, grains, and dairy and by following the Paw Paw program she found that she lost 8 pounds within 10 days. She is feeling so much better. She is slim and trim and back into her old clothes. She was also able to cut back to on her pain killing medication. "God was watching out for me."

26. Diabetes
D had been on insulin since 2007 to maintain her high blood sugar levels. In 2011 she was diagnosed with cancer. D chose to do the Paw Paw Program for her breast cancer. She started to feed her body with high dense nutrition. She also eliminated sugars, grains ,legumes ,and dairy from her diet. Within two weeks of doing the Paw Paw program she noticed that her blood sugar normalized to the point that she was able to stop the intake of insulin. Her blood pressure became normal as well and all blood pressure medications were stopped within two weeks of doing this program.
27. Tumor on the Sternum
In August 2009 Steve was in involved in an accident where a machine wacked him on the sternum. His sternum became injured and he experienced extreme pain for 10 days. The pain was so bad he could not hold a teaspoon in his hand. Steve is a tough kind of guy and doesn't run to the doctors at every whim. However, after a few days of excruciating pain he visited the doctor who assured him it was only an injury. But Steve could feel that the sternum just didn't feel right. It seemed to be floating and he couldn't push or lift weights. A lump started to develop on the sternum. By March of 2010 he had quite a visible lump on his sternum. One day when he went to pick up some heavy soaked beams the sternum pain came back. He was in agony and called 911. An ultrasound and a CT scan showed a dark mass on his sternum. There was a suspected cancer. An ultrasound and a biopsy concluded that there was a cancerous tumour in the sternum which was leaking into the bone area. His choice was chemotherapy or radiation. Steve explained to the doctor that he believed his injury caused the cancer. The doctor said that in no way could cancer be caused by an injury. In July Steve saw the oncologist who wanted to start chemotherapy immediately. Steve asked, "Of the last 10 people you sent for chemotherapy how many are still alive? Five of my friends died from the chemo therapy" Steve started asking friends and relatives about alternatives. His niece ,Val ,introduced him to the Paw Paw Program. On July 1, 2010 Steve started the Paw Paw program which included Paw Paw 12 a day, Protease Plus two capsules two times a day on an empty stomach, Flax Lignans one scoop a day, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 ounce two times a day, Super Omega-3 three capsules a day, Cats Claw three capsules twice a day, Vitamin D3 10,000 I U a day and Magnesium Complex 4 capsules a day. Sugar, grains, legumes, was eliminated. Steve started the program weighing 211 pounds. He now weighs 175 pounds. He lost 36 pounds of sludge. He feels 100 times better with lots of energy. This past winter he was out cross country skiing with no huffing and puffing. The lump on the sternum has totally disappeared. His blood test showed that his blood is in great shape. "I am totally healed!".

1000 Herbal Success Stories
28. Benign Prostate Hypertrophy ( BPH) Transurethral Prostate Resection Cancelled
BPH is a non cancerous growth of the prostate tissue. It causes the prostate gland to enlarge and consequently the urethra tube, that tube from the bladder through the prostate area that allows the urine to flow becomes obstructed. Obstruction of urine flow means there is that urge to go to the bathroom but the urine flow does not empty the bladder with the result that there are many frequent trips to the bathroom. G ended up with this problem and in February he was going to the bathroom about 10 times a night. One can only imagine the horror of the many restless and sleepless nights. G had no energy and he felt drained. G then visited his doctor who decided that the treatment of choice here was TUPR where a Urologist removes the overgrowth of tissue for the prostate gland. G decided to investigate the side effects of the TUPR surgery and discovered this is a surgery that should not be taken lightly. Side effects could include bleeding, incontinence, possible blood clots, upset of the balance of salts in the blood which could be dangerous for the heart and the kidneys, possible sexual dysfunctions. After studying the side effects G decided that an alternative method may be the choice of wisdom. G and his wife studied the Paw Paw program and the evident benefits for even enlarged prostate because the Paw Paw program works on regulating all abnormal cell growth as in tumours, cysts, lumps, fungus, and enlarged prostates. On February 1, 2011 G started the Paw Paw progam. With the support and help of his wife he eliminated all sugar foods, grains, legumes and milk. G ate proteins, meats, vegetables, seeds, salads, berries . Every morning and even twice a day he would drink a delicious Smoothie with water, frozen berries, Collatrim Plus, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Flax Hull Lignans. Throughout the day he would drink water with Chlorophyll, and take Super Omega 3, Paw Paw and Protease Plus . His wife also added KB-C and Cornsilk for the health of the bladder, kidneys and urinary system and MC to cleanse the blood and the arteries. In the meantime G had scheduled the TUPR surgery with the surgeon for July 7, 2011. Feeling confident that G would get results with the Paw Paw program he pursued his goals with determination. By the time June, 2011 rolled around G’s bathroom trips were reduced to perhaps once a night , good sleep patterns resumed, energy returned and the doctor recommended a cancellation of the scheduled surgery . G has discovered that his body has the innate ability to heal and he now knows that importance of Nutritional Smoothies loaded with high dense nutrients and minerals to maintain the health status of his desire. His wife wants to encourage everyone to take on their health by having a Lifestyle Smoothie every day before problems are diagnosed. Nutrition is for all of us , in health or in sickness, in childhood or in adulthood.
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29. Colon Cancer
In 2008 Ellen was diagnosed with colon cancer. She felt no symptoms and it was only through self discovery that she discovered a lump in her colon area. There was no pain in that area but when she pressed it there was a bruised feeling there. She immediately started a supplement program. One month later she was able to see a doctor who confirmed via an elevated blood test and a colonoscopy that in fact there was a cancerous growth in the colon. Ellen at this point was immersed in research and reading. She was forced to make a decision regarding surgery. She went on line and studied the work of Dr. Jerry McLaughlin and his work on Paw Paw , the work of Dr. Otto Warburg and his documentation that cancer is fed by the fermentation of sugar. Such findings gave Ellen a lot of hope. Surgery was a tough decision but with much deep consideration she succumbed to have the growth surgically removed in April of 2009. Her surgeon was most conscientious and a Laparoscopy indicated that the cancer was in Stage 2. The oncologist recommended preventative chemotherapy. Ellen read about the side effects of chemotherapy and they were horrific. She had in the past witnessed her sister undergoing chemotherapy for cancer and the experience was “pure hell.” Ellen sat down to consider the odds and found out that chemotherapy might increase her chances by 3%. Then it would destroy her body. Consequently Ellen opted to do the Paw Paw program using Silver Guard, Zambroza, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Collatrim Plus, Chlorophyll, Green Zone, Vitamin D3, Paw Paw , Protease Plus and prayer and meditation. She changed her diet eliminating sugar, grains, legumes, dairy. She dived into reading Donna Roth’s book , Practical Solution to the Cancer Injury Manual. Ellen faithfully followed the program for 8 months. During this time she lost 25 pounds. She then decided to have all tests redone, The blood test, the lymph tests all came back negative.The doctor said Ellen was in great health and said that she would not need to see him for 5 years. Ellen expressed her appreciation to Donna’s book, and other people in her community who took a stand for her and supported her. Even to this day she is very aware of what she eats and continues to do the Paw Paw program twice a year. Regarding fear Ellen stated that she was never fearful and that fear never did take over. Research and reading took care of that. The book Knock Out by Suzanne Summers gave her hope and she focused on healing rather than fear and despair.
It is now 2011 and Ellen is in great health and has allowed her story to stand in this book to give others who may be diagnosed with cancer confidence and support.