Sunday, October 2, 2011

Success Rate - Paw Paw Program

Success Rate Using the Paw Paw Program
Given that people follow the program as designed and eliminate all factors that deter the healing process I would have to say it is 100% successful. To clarify my statement I give the following examples:
L started the Paw Paw program. She decided on doing radiation treatments as well. The radiation treatments totally destroyed her immune system and depleted her energy. She felt pain and burning sensations. She then resorted to drugs to alleviate the pain and the burning. The drugs caused more problems. She simply was not able to recuperate.
M was submitted into the hospital with colon cancer. Surgery was performed .She started the Paw Paw program in the hospital. Her doctors were very accommodating and accepting of her wishes. Her recuperation was excellent and she was sent home with energy and hope. However the family doctor prescribed a blood pressure medication. Over a time period of a month the blood pressure began to drop to the point of a dangerous level. This she was not able to overcome.
W with a serious cancer underwent several radiation treatments. He then had a flu shot and the swine flu shot. At this point he started the Paw Paw program. After two months of very little relief it was discovered that he had many infected root canals. These root canals were extracted but he was not able to recuperate.
J was pancreatic cancer progressed very well using the Paw Paw Program. The doctor decided that one more chemotherapy treatment should be given. He did not survive this chemo treatment.
R with was diagnosed with lung cancer and decided to undergo chemotherapy treatments as well as follow the Paw Paw Program. After following the two therapies for many months medical diagnoses indicated great results. One month later he submitted to having a flu shot and a swine flu shot. All of a sudden he became severely ill. He passed away shortly thereafter.
S had suffered with cancer for two years before she started the Paw Paw program. She had undergone various conventional treatments during this time. She lived for two months after starting the Paw Paw Program.
One man with leukemia had undergone a series of chemotherapy treatments. It was at this point that he started the Paw Paw program. His lab blood tests showed great improvements. The doctor insisted that one more chemotherapy treatment was necessary. This man passed away three days later.
One man had suffered flu like symptoms for two months. It was decided that he must go to a doctor at this point. He was diagnosed with liver cancer. He then started the Paw Paw Program. Shortly thereafter he received chemotherapy treatments. He passed away two days later.
There have been several clients who did the program successfully and lived for 3 years or more but then they resorted back to their old lifestyle and stopped taking all supplements. This just does not work. It is most important to stick with this lifestyle and continue to supplement with Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic and some super foods such as Chlorophyll , Flax Lignans, Collatrim Plus .
Many start the program with good intentions but quit the program within 3 months or so. They just don’t give the program enough time and of course they don’t achieve the results and many have passed on.
Many start the program but are easily distracted by other protocals and soon they become lost in the shuffle . There have been many who have passed on trying to find the “easy magic natural cure.”