Sunday, October 2, 2011

1000Herbal Success Stories 28 - 31

1000 Herbal Success Stories #28 - #32

28. Cyst - Ovary

One lady with a cyst on her ovary took 9 Pau D’Arco a day along with 8 capsules of Cat’s Claw and lots of Essential Liquid Minerals . This program helped to dissolve the cyst and it was passed as a mucousy elimination.

29. Cyst- Breast

One lady had a cyst on the nipple of her breast. She consistently followed the Paw Paw program for a few months until the cyst totally disappeared.

30. H Pylori- Bacteria

One man knew the signs he was experiencing , feeling of fullness, belching, heartburn, was H Pylori bacteria. He had become educated in the power of healing herbs and took responsiblitiy and action. He turned to Liquid Chlorophyll about 1 tsp with 4 oz water to soothe the heartburn and alleviate the acid reflux and to ULC-R twice a day . He continued this program for 5 days until the symptoms totally dis appeared.

If you happen to experience those symptoms as mentioned above then it is of utmost importance that you not ignore them. H pylori bacteria can lead to an ulcerated injury internally and if not corrected through the use of herbals, Chlorophyll and ULC-R such an injury progresses to serious inflammation which can result in cancer. Cancer always starts from an injury.

31 .Cholesterol , Blood Sugar Normal

One man diagnosed with cancer recently reported that his medical test results showed a slight decrease in the size of his tumour. But more importantly his blood sugar os back to normal as is his cholesterol levels. He has been following the Paw Paw program for 4 months.

32. Migraine Headaches

Renee had attended many of the Donna Roth classes before she came to realize the dangers of unknown infected root canals in the teeth. She had been riddled with years that is 12 years of very painful bouts of migraine headaches. Previously she made no connections between migraine headaches and root canals. She therefore proceeded to have all 5 root canals extracted and to have all mercury fillings replaced. Following this process she immediately took on a strict herbal program for 2 months which looked like this:

All Cell Detox 3 tree times a day – bowel, kidney, liver detoxification

Cat’s Claw Combination 2 twice a day – lymphatic circulation

Heavy Metal Detox 3 three times a day – detoxifying heavy metals

Liquid Chlorophyll 2 oz a day in water – cleansing the blood and increasing O2 levels in the blood

Hydrated Bentonite 1 oz twice a day – pulling out heavy toxins via the intestinal tract

Super Oil 3 a day – cell to cell breathability , cell pliability

Flax Seed Oil about 4 a day – transmission of nerve impulses.

Within 2 weeks of taking action and following this program her migraine headaches totally disappeared and she has not experienced a headache for years now.