Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tumour on Sternum

27. Tumor on the Sternum
In August 2009 Steve was in involved in an accident where a machine wacked him on the sternum. His sternum became injured and he experienced extreme pain for 10 days. The pain was so bad he could not hold a teaspoon in his hand. Steve is a tough kind of guy and doesn't run to the doctors at every whim. However, after a few days of excruciating pain he visited the doctor who assured him it was only an injury. But Steve could feel that the sternum just didn't feel right. It seemed to be floating and he couldn't push or lift weights. A lump started to develop on the sternum. By March of 2010 he had quite a visible lump on his sternum. One day when he went to pick up some heavy soaked beams the sternum pain came back. He was in agony and called 911. An ultrasound and a CT scan showed a dark mass on his sternum. There was a suspected cancer. An ultrasound and a biopsy concluded that there was a cancerous tumour in the sternum which was leaking into the bone area. His choice was chemotherapy or radiation. Steve explained to the doctor that he believed his injury caused the cancer. The doctor said that in no way could cancer be caused by an injury. In July Steve saw the oncologist who wanted to start chemotherapy immediately. Steve asked, "Of the last 10 people you sent for chemotherapy how many are still alive? Five of my friends died from the chemo therapy" Steve started asking friends and relatives about alternatives. His niece ,Val ,introduced him to the Paw Paw Program. On July 1, 2010 Steve started the Paw Paw program which included Paw Paw 12 a day, Protease Plus two capsules two times a day on an empty stomach, Flax Lignans one scoop a day, Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic 1 ounce two times a day, Super Omega-3 three capsules a day, Cats Claw three capsules twice a day, Vitamin D3 10,000 I U a day and Magnesium Complex 4 capsules a day. Sugar, grains, legumes, was eliminated. Steve started the program weighing 211 pounds. He now weighs 175 pounds. He lost 36 pounds of sludge. He feels 100 times better with lots of energy. This past winter he was out cross country skiing with no huffing and puffing. The lump on the sternum has totally disappeared. His blood test showed that his blood is in great shape. "I am totally healed!".