Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mud Pies

MUD PIES by Donna Roth, Jo Butler and Susan Pichler
Recipes that are positively health changing

This cookbook takes the guesswork out of the food program for the Paw Paw Program for cancer.

Based on the outside-the-box thinking of The Paleo Diet, the recipes in “Mud Pies” are quite surprising to some. Athletes are also adopting it for the energy it confers.

Understanding the apprehension associated with embracing a whole lifestyle change, the authors have included everything from main dishes to snacks, and treats like chocolate brownies.

These are sugar-free, grain free, milk-free, legume-free recipes. They take us back ten thousand years to when our ancestors were at their healthiest, enjoying a diet the body actually recognised as food.

Munch your way through this book and enjoy every tasty morsel, confident that it will keep you on an energizing nutritional track. Your taste-buds will thank you as you retrain them to enjoy real, unprocessed food that helps regenerate your stem cells.

Jacquelyn Johnston M.Ed. RCRT.