Sunday, October 2, 2011


20. Insomnia
M had a terrible problem falling asleep. She did the doctor route and the doctor simply sent her for every test in town. No answers were given and no test resolved the insomnia. M was also undergoing a very stressful time with huge concerns for her unwell mother. In researching the solution to her sleeping problem M realized that she was very mineral deficient. She was awakened to a serious mineral deficiency. Consequently she eliminated foods that were mineral depleters such as sugars, alcohol, grains, legumes dairy and she started to use high doses of Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic , about 2 ounces a day along with Super Omega 3 and Cal/Mag. Within a week M felt a huge difference and in 2 weeks when the mineral levels were re-established sleeping fell into place. “ I felt the puzzle pieces were coming together and that I had crossed a big health barrier. It was like getting through a toll gate. Now I knew that my health of my whole body was going to continue to increase.”