Sunday, October 2, 2011

Heart Palpitations, Anxiety , Arthritis

22 Heart Palpitations, Anxiety , Arthritis
E felt terrible inside. She felt confused and experienced a racing heart, high blood pressure and arthritis. As a matter of fact she regularly took high blood pressure medication. At that time her heart palpitations were terrible. Her heart would beat very heavily boom, boom, boom! She could feel it in her throat and could hear it in her ears. She had experienced a lot of anxiety and was worried about her health condition. She would often feel a bit better in the morning. However, after eating rolled oats, toast, agave, with milk she would feel a certain nervousness. She had felt these symptoms for years. Finally, one day she had an opportunity to talk to Donna Roth. E decided to change her diet and to eliminate sugars, grains, and dairy. She started taking Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic about 2 ounces a day; Cats Claw Combination, Super Omega-3, and MC. Within about three weeks she started noticing a huge difference. Her heart stopped pounding at night. She could now get up from a chair and walk without seizing up from her arthritic pain. Her nervousness and anxiety had subsided. The energy had increased. Now she was sleeping so much better when she used Magnesium at bedtime . LBS11 helped her bowels move so much better. And she finally weaned off all the blood pressure medication. What a great accomplishment!