Sunday, October 2, 2011

H-Pylori Bacteria

30. H Pylori- Bacteria
One man knew the signs he was experiencing , feeling of fullness, belching, heartburn, was H Pylori bacteria. He had become educated in the power of healing herbs and took responsiblitiy and action. He turned to Liquid Chlorophyll about 1 tsp with 4 oz water to soothe the heartburn and alleviate the acid reflux and to ULC-R twice a day . He continued this program for 5 days until the symptoms totally dis appeared.
If you happen to experience those symptoms as mentioned above then it is of utmost importance that you not ignore them. H pylori bacteria can lead to an ulcerated injury internally and if not corrected through the use of herbals, Chlorophyll and ULC-R such an injury progresses to serious inflammation which can result in cancer. Cancer always starts from an injury