Thursday, April 8, 2021

Health Plan for Final TAFYH Class 2021

 Health Plan for Final TAFYH Class 2021

My Vision for My Health Is:

I am in balance spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.  Everything is in alignment.  My cells are happily functioning to keep my physical body thriving with vigor and vitality. I greet the day with love, equanimity and zeal.

Back Story

I took Donna Roth’s second TAFYH class in 2013.  I was at my ideal weight, age 59. My BSQ score initially was 33 and was reduced to 14.  My body temperature was low.  Nerves, glandular and structural were consistently the highest systems to address. Urinary would also show up.

In between 2013 and 2021, I strayed a little off the food plan and my body would be pretty clear at pointing out my errors.  I stayed with Nature’s Sunshine for support. I entered their Inform promotion program twice and won a $200 gift card plus a Fit bit in the process. Woo Hoo. I learned about their Purify 2.0 program so discovered UltraBiome and Rejuvenaid.  I found out that my body really appreciates Rejuvenaid with its support of the Vagal Nerve. I also discovered a breathing technique for additional support – basically breathing light and holding my breath on the out breath – lengthening the hold with out stress.  Excellent for people with asthma.  I often refer to Lunch and Learn product webinars as I try to understand which of many of the amazing products might benefit me. But there is still so much to learn.   I did kidney cleanses along the way, when prompted by my body.

I started this class, age 67, with an extra 17 pounds, a body temperature of 36.5 and a BSQ of 18.  Glandular, structural and Digestive showed up on my BSQ. I knew my digestive system was grumbling about something. My BSQ total today is 5.  Structural shows up as 2 as I have arthritis that shows up in the joints of my hands and feet. Urinary, glandular and nerves show up as 1 each. Urinary comes along with the arthritis. Glandular and nerves come with waking up at night. I have no problem falling asleep but wake up through the night and don’t fall back to sleep easily. I feel relaxed but awake.  I was just starting to sleep better but for some reason the gall bladder cleanse set me back for sleeping. It relieved a touchy spot in my digestive system, so that was a plus. My blood pressure is always fine. My weight decreased by 2 pounds.

This time, the bowel cleanse, the liver cleanse and the gall bladder cleanse cleared out much more than they did in 2013.  Possibly a sign of an aging body, or clearing out toxins after the removal of my amalgam fillings.

I started this TAFYH program taking Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic but not adding enough magnesium to my daily supplements.  My nightly leg cramps increased as Chi Tonic is high in Potassium.  With Donna’s help, I realized I needed to add more magnesium. That is my challenge for this health plan. I need to find the balance in calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and Vitamin D plus remaining adequately hydrated. Apparently about 60% of the population suffer from muscle cramps which can eventually be life threatening.  I will try adding more Vitamin B supplements to help with sleep.  The leg cramps don’t wake me up, moving my legs creates the cramps. I also want to take care of my eyesight which does not show up in the Biological Systems questionnaire. I have been near sighted with astigmatism since childhood. Now age related issues are showing up for me.



-         Exercise including outdoor activities and yoga

-         Breathing exercises including ionic breathing and an arm/breath exercise to help drain the lymphatic system


-         Eat the right foods only

-         Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic, Collagen (white), Green Zone or Nature’s Harvest (green) Flax Hull lignans (yellow) and Rejuvenaid (red) with berries, goat yogurt and often avocado in my morning smoothie

-         Use Bacillus Coagulins to increase use of stored fat cells

-         Minerals and vitamins including 1200 mgs of magnesium.


-         LBS 11, psyllium hulls, chlorophyll (green) and water (blue) daily

-         Kidney cleanses weekly with K or KB-C to help with arthritic conditions

-         Oral Chelation for the next 7 months to clear out toxic heavy metal debris plus provide some calcium, magnesium and potassium.

-         Annual Bowel, liver and possibly gall bladder cleanses

-         Consider other cleanses if BSQ numbers rise


-         Art-A with Kidney cleanse for arthritic condition

-         ULC-R if digestive system requires support

-         Garden Essence or Protein digestive aid for the same reason

-         Solstic Energy and/or Panothenic Acid (B vitamins) for nervous system and sleep

-         TS11 or KC-X for thyroid support

-         Breathing exercise for digestive support. Pump breath focusing on out breaths. In breaths just happen.

-         Rejuvenaid, Perfect Eyes and Silver Guard for eyesight

Express Gratitude Daily, Laughter Daily

My highest imbalance from the Chinese Element quiz was Fire. 3E/5D = 8

-         HS-C for the deficiency

-         IF-C, STR-C for the excess



Some of the sources of my inflammation, past and present, include:

Sugar and starches, amagam fillings in my baby teeth and adult teeth, stress, sunburn, lectins, lack of sleep, environmental toxins, microwaved foods, vaccines and antibiotics, indoor toxins, ELF and EMF waves, overeating.



Complete a BSQ monthly to visually assess my health

I no longer eat processed sugars and starches, dried legumes, minimal dairy.

I had my amalgam fillings removed.

I periodically cleanse various organs and the blood in my body.

I have body work done when I feel its required.

Reiki, prayer, meditation, gratitude, love, laughter

I have an EMF shield attached to an energy tool on our table.

Life is Good! How does it get any better than that?