Thursday, April 8, 2021

TAFYH Evaluation by Donna


AHHA’s:  Fermentation of sugar feeds cancer.

               Dr. J saved husbands life, serious heart at attack by using emergency protocol

               All creation begins with one thought!!

TIME:  I was very grateful to have the evening class.  Regular attendance was easier.  However, the morning class that I took in 2013  was a great way to begin the day!

PARTICIPATION:  It is inspiring to hear other people’s stories and to share their successes. 

EDUCATION:  The amount of education offered is amazing.  It will take me quite a bit of rereading to take it all in and understand how to apply herbs where.  I am grateful to have that at my fingertips!

STRUCTURE:  I love the structure.  It is timely, thorough and enjoyable

 INFORMATION:  There is so much information to take in from past and present sources.  I love all the NSP information we receive.

 COMMITTMENT:  The daily commitments help me to keep on track.  I have learned that commitment is inspiring.

 APPLICATION:  The many flushes, recipes and herbal suggestions are so helpful.  We can keep going back to them so that we can do them on our own time.

 IMPLICATIONS:  In a perfect world, health would prevail!!

 REACHING OTHERS:  This is the most difficult part for me.  People i approach are not interested, but  hope I have planted a seed.

 BSQ’s:  It is a simple test but very effective.

 COMMENT:  I am grateful to Donna Roth for putting this course together and helping so many people.  I am also grateful that she makes herself available to any questions we may have at any time.

This is my second time around.  I have stuck fairly close to the program for the 8 years by taking the smoothie and avoiding grains and sugars.  However, i began to add more wrong foods, such as potatoes and desserts occasionally.  This past year, I found myself going further into the abyss of wrong foods, more desserts and junk food and more pasta.  That was my reason for taking the course again.  To get back on track.

Thank you for that opportunity Donna!  Who knows what kind of illnesses i prevented by somewhat sticking to the program for those years!!