Thursday, April 8, 2021

TAFYH Evaluation by Shawn

 TAFYH Evaluation

 Shawn  03/22/2021

 Ahha’s:  Ahha moments were plentiful during the weekly lessons. If one looks a at the nutritional deficiency, toxicity, stress and trauma all disease and illnesses can be stopped from starting or cured. Cancer cannot grow in a body temperature of 37 C. Candida scrambles up all the hormones. Lectins in grains cause inflammation. Heat your food with steam do not microwave. Radio waves cause harm to your own electrical balance. You body can rebuild itself in 365 days. Cancer can be cured with Pawpaw. Gall stones can be dissolved using a cleanse. Cat’s Claw and Silver can heal infections.

 Time: After work for the meeting was better for me and learned so much from the information and sharing from the meeting.

 I like the sharing format of the way commitments are shared. Listening to everyone is a great help and support.  It is a good way to experience what you present each lesson. Participation is the key.

 Education: The education I have received in these past few weeks is helpful to me. I can reference this information for the remainder of my life.

 Structure: I liked structure. Patterns are good to follow. Every single day was mostly new information. Having the lessons in print form so I can review the information over and over is a big plus.

 Commitment: Having the class at the same time every weekday evening, 15 min. made for a success in commitment. I will make time for whatever I really need to do.  This course has helped me be more confident in understanding herbs and how the body works together. I really do not remember learning these bodily functions.  I can help anyone that will listen.

 Implications: I now know we do not need vaccination shots to prevent disease. We prevent disease with nutrition. I have trust in taking Cat’s Claw. I see the increasing effect of having people telling other people and sharing information can be huge.

 Reaching Others: More knowledgeable on how herbs can be used.

 BSQ’s as form of measurement: I see that it is a snapshot of my health, it identifies the system that I need to work on. Before and after BSQ’s are a great reference tool.

 Money: My wife takes care of purchasing our Nature Sunshine Products and I mostly take care of the grocery side of the costs

 Comments: I am incredibly grateful to you and for all the work that went into this course. I enjoyed this class greatly. This is my second set of lessons and enjoyed both.

 Regarding implications of TAFYH: We are in control of our own body, and it is our responsibility to take care of for an eternity.


Shawn Boyce 03/22/2021 


BSQ start Date 01/13/2021 score of 31…………   03/22/2021 score of 7

Saliva test was normal.

Blood Pressure was normal.

Body Temperature was normal- 36.9C

Weight lost .5 lbs it’s a start, 119.5 lbs to go.


A - Activate:  Continue walking to and from the kennel, slowly increasing the distance.  Continue ionic breathing and expressing gratitude. Take Cat’s Claw, MC, Multi Vit., Super Oil, Berberine, twice daily.


B - Build:  Morning Smoothie- Chinese Chi Tonic, Green Zone, Berries, Collatrim Plus, Solstice Energy, Psyllium Hulls, Flax Hull Lignans, Reverse Osmosis Mineral Water. Continue to eat the right foods from the recommended food list, staying away from grains, legumes and sugar.


C - Cleanse:  2 LBS II daily. Drink chlorophyll with water.

Tiao He Pak

Ultra Biome DTX

Periodic bowel, liver, kidney and gallbladder cleanse (approx. every 60 days)


D-      Direct Aid- Urinary- K for Kidneys

                  - Circulatory- MC, heavy metal cleanser

                  - Intestinal- LBSII, Psyllium Hulls

                  - Immune- Cats Claw

                   - Nerves- Super Oil capsules

                   - Glandular- Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic


E-       Gratitude- Healthy food which we can nourish and heal ourselves and others, plants, seeds, nuts, free from antibiotic Beef, Chicken, Pork, Wild Fish.


We will be using only natural non-toxic products in our home.  Skincare, body and haircare, make-up and home cleaning products.

 During this course and for the remainder of the year I will diligently try to lower the list of poisons causing any remaining inflammations:

Eating too much


Emotional injury

Physical injury

Radiation, from welding


Inadequate sleep

Environmental toxins  

Iodized salt  

Vaccinations, tetanus shots

Micro waved foods

Drugs, medications


Root canals 

Scar tissue 

Chemicals, plastics, personal care and home products

ELF- extremely low frequency from power lines, welding equipment, appliances and EMF- electromagnetic field from both low (Power lines, Appliances, Welding equipment) and high frequencies (Cordless and mobile Phones, I pad, GTAW Welding equipment)