Thursday, April 8, 2021

TAFYH Glenda – Success StoryMarch 2021

 Glenda – Success StoryMarch 2021

 BSQ score down from 55 to 29

Improved sleep.  Off sleeping pills after 12 years.

Lost 4 pounds

Anxiety level dropped

Bloating has almost disappeared

Afternoon fatigue has improved

Body aches & pains have subsided.  Inflammation is down.

The pressure of having to get up and urinate during the night as subsided

Realize the importance of eating super foods and having super smoothies

Being able to ask questions before the evening call started was helpful

Continue working on getting my body temperature up.  Has increased from 94.5 to 96.8

The TAFYH program was very informative, I learned a lot that will help me for years to come

Realized of the power of expressing gratitude and in helping others every day.

TAFYH Evaluation – Glenda Buyan

March 2021

 Ahha’s:  No matter what our circumstances, periodically putting our attention on our heart and thinking and feeling gratitude for another person or up lifting situation will improve our heart rhythm, immune function, hormonal balance and quality of life.

Oxidation is the key to healthy cells.  A swelling can be the first step in the process of inflammation if there is an unhealthy lymphatic system.

Time:   I found the length of time (15-20 minutes) was adequate.   For me, the time of the call could have been a little earlier or later in the evening or even an early morning call.    

Participation: Having to participate on a call made all the difference to me in committing and completing the course.   It was nice to hear others share their medical issues and how they overcame them with using Nature’s Sunshine products, doing the cleanses and taking herbs.  Laughter within the group was inspiring.

Education: I learned so much throughout the course which will help me for years to come in my journey to better my health.  It will also help me to suggest to others that there are alternate ways to heal.

Structure:    Structure is always good for any course.  It worked well as it allowed everyone to know what was expected from them.  Having a time frame for the calls made it easy for everyone to block that time from their busy days.

Information: Information received was/is invaluable.  As we were provided with so much information in such a short period of time, I’m sure that I will be referring back to the sessions over and over again. It was great that we were able to print the sessions off for future use.   It was excellent to receive the fact sheets on the herbs.

Commitment:  I found it was easy to commit to 15 – 20 minutes for the evening call.  Having it set a certain time each evening worked well. It was great having to commit on doing the cleanses as I probably wouldn’t have done them otherwise. 

Application:  I feel I have a better understanding on how the body actually functions and how important it is to drink clean water and eat super foods.  

Reaching Others:  I feel I can now discuss with others what I have learned during this program.  On how the important it is to eat the right foods, taking the right supplements and taking control of your own health.

BSQ’s as a form of measurement:  This is a great tool to use when first starting the program.  It helps to pin point the areas for your health that need addressing.    I am looking forward to taking it again at the end of the program to see what and where there was improvement.  It is also a great way to start a conversation with others.  Have them fill out the form and see what areas they need to consider looking at.  If they are interested it’s a great way to tell them what you have learned.

Comments:  I am grateful for my daughter Shelly suggesting that I take the course.  I have learned a lot and look forward to seeing more improvements in my health as I continue to eat the right foods and take the herbs & supplements.  

I’m grateful for Donna Roth for providing her time & experience & knowledge for the past 8 weeks.  It’s been great!


Health Plan – Glenda Buyan

March 18, 2021

A – Activate:   Continue with my walking exercise of 10,000 or more steps per day.  Practice yoga stretching at home.  Continue ionic breathing morning, afternoon and evening outside in the fresh air.   


B – Build:  Continue eating super organic foods (green leafy vegetables, red meat, free range organic chicken, eggs and wild caught salmon).  Continue having two super smoothies each day which include the following ingredients:  organic spinach, organic blueberries & raspberries, Chinese Mineral Chi, Ultimate Green Zone, Solstic Energy, Collagen and Arginine Plus.  Use healthy oils to help raise my body temperature and build muscles.   Take a daily probiotic to promote balance of good bacteria to counteract the bad bacteria.


C – Cleanse:  Continue taking LBS II two times a day with food.    Psyllium Hulls Combination twice a day with Chlorophyll and filtered water.  Do the occasionally bowel, liver, kidney and gallbladder cleanses when needed (approximately every 2-3 months).


Direct Herbals taken daily:

Cat’s Claw – 4 tabs daily (Helps promote balance of intestinal bacteria)

MC – 4 tabs daily (Vitamin & Mineral Supplement)

Turmeric Curcumin – 2 tabs daily (Helps relieve joint inflammation)

CoQ10 – 2 tabs daily (Supports Cardiovascular Health)

AD-C – 1 tab daily (Relieve anxiety, depression and inflammation)

LIV-C – 1 tab daily (Helps improve digestion & also helps with depression, nervous tension)

Lecithin – 2 tabs daily (Provides Liver Support)

Everflex with Hyaluronic Acid – 4 tabs a day (Supports structural system)

KB-C – 1 tab daily (Supports kidney & Bladder tract)

 My plan is to never use anti-biotics or take prescription drugs.    Use only natural methods to address pain and discomfort by using herbs and essential oils.

 Stop the use of environmental toxins in my home by switching over to natural non-toxic cleaners.  Stop using the microwave for cooking.   Only boil, poach, roast or steam foods.   Eliminate processed foods, grains, legumes and sugars from my diet.  Switch over to non-toxic skincare, body and haircare, make-up products to natural non-toxic ingredients as well.

 No longer use cosmetics or body lotions with harmful toxins.

By following my health plan I expect to have on going increased energy, improved sleep, less stiffness in joints, normal bowel functions, improved digestion (less or no bloating).