Thursday, April 8, 2021

TAFYH Completion March 25, 2021

 TAFYH Completion March 25, 2021

Success Story by Gayle

Disease tree Symptoms


-              Waking up at night

-              Arthritis

-              Food sits heavy

-              Dry skin

-              Sugar cravings

-              Brittle fingernails

-              Abdominal pain or discomfort


-              Arthritis

-              Waking up at night

BSQ in Jan, 2021 was Structural 5, Glandular 4, Digestive 4, Hepatic, Intestinal, Urinary, Nerves, Reproduction 1 for a grand total of 18

BSQ in March, 2021 is 2 Structural, Urinary, Glandular and Nerves 1 for a grand total of 5.

Body temperature started at 36.7 C and was 36.9  this morning.

Candida test clear from the start.

Blood pressure originally 128/81, pulse 65 and currently 124/73, pulse 69.

Weight decreased 2 pounds. More to go


Shawn  03/22/2021

 BSQ start Date 01/13/2021 score of 31…………   03/22/2021 score of 7

Urinary 5 to 1

Circulation 4 to 0

Nerves 4 to 3

Glandular 4 to 2

Absent mindedness no longer a problem

Bad breath gone

Cravings for fats gone’

Dry skin gone

Leg cramps gone

Meds for blood sugar have been reduced

Saliva test was normal.

Blood Pressure was normal.

Body Temperature was normal- 36.9C from 35.4

Weight lost .5 lbs it’s a start, 119.5 lbs to go.


Success Story (thus far) Chad

1.            BSQ changes; total score went from 26 to 16

a.            Digestive 4 to 2, Hepatic 4 to 3, Intestinal, Circulation now 0, Nerves, and Glandular 4 to 1

2.            Overall sense of well-being increased (don’t feel run down all the time)

3.            Body temp has averaged 97.04F at start to 97.12F recently (been testing every week day since TAFYH started)

4.            Candida Saliva test, from the first to the last test the last test was not as cloudy or stringy

5.            Energy levels have increased, especially noticed when sleep is longer than my regular time of sleep. (Normally when I slept in I used to get a headache)

6.            Weight-loss was low…but body structure changed in its shape…some areas have “tightened” up.

7.            Appetite has diminished…

8.            No cravings…of any type.

9.            Inflammation has reduced in many areas of my body

10.          Some of the edema in my legs has also reduced, and a rash on one leg has also completely disappeared.

11.          One change that I noticed was a “pressure” or “tightness” in my groin area that it wasn’t until about the third week of TAFYH that I noticed was gone and has not returned!!!!

12.          TAFYH has sparked a desire in me to want to further my expedition into this field of health. As it has been such a positive experience and a great encouragement to me!!!!


Shelly’s Success Story: Breast Cancer Warrior Goddess

March 2021

BSQ - Original Score: 41 New Score: 29

Nerves 8 to 4

Glandular 8 to 6

Body Temperature: Ranges between 35.1 - 36.4

Candida Test: No Candida at the start, no Candida now

Weight: no change (already lost weight over the past 3 years prior to course)

Sleep: no real change (going thru major healing crisis with cancering thru the course)

Biggest Change: State of mind has improved. - Nervous System seems calmer and I am

not in Fight or Flight (sympathetic mode nearly at all). Much more aware of when I am

stressed and now I have so many tools to help me get back into a Parasympathetic state quicker.

The support of others on the TAFYH team has been inspirational. Finding more like minded

people who are looking for ways to live happier, healthier and longer lives creates a feeling of

togetherness and also self reliance that western “NON-medicine” can’t provide. You are empowered

when you are in control and you understand the laws of nature, which where all sources of healing

come from.

I will continue taking MC, PAW PAW, Flax Hull Lignans, my superfood smoothies and many of the

other supplements to aid in my healing and overall health from now on.

The Ionic breathing, the success stories, the AHA moments and lesson concepts will be resources

and tools that I will use on a daily basis to keep a confident mind set, to calm my nerves and quell

any doubts or fears they may arise. They are natural feelings, but letting them rule your life is not.

They no longer control my health or my life.

Right now... I am in the middle of my success story... as I use my new tools that I have learned thru

TAFYH to keep healthy as I draw out the tumor and supporting my lymphatic and elimination

systems as they manage the toxic over load that is about to be unleashed upon them. I now know

so many more ways to do this, thanks to TAFYH.

Thank you Donna and all the members of TAFYH 59!


Glenda – Success Story March 2021

 BSQ score down from 55 to 29

Urinary 6 to 3

Nerves 11 to 7

Glandular 9 to 5

Sturctural 8 to 5

BT increased from 96.2 to 98.

Improved sleep.  Off sleeping pills after 12 years.

Lost 4 pounds

Anxiety level dropped

Bloating has almost disappeared

Afternoon fatigue has improved

Body aches & pains have subsided.  Inflammation is down.

The pressure of having to get up and urinate during the night as subsided

Realize the importance of eating super foods and having super smoothies

Being able to ask questions before the evening call started was helpful

Continue working on getting my body temperature up.  Has increased from 94.5 to 96.8

The TAFYH program was very informative, I learned a lot that will help me for yea


Success Story


BSQ score down from 54 to 22

Intestinal 10 to 1

Structural 7 to 3

Urinary 6 to 3

Hepatic 6 to 3

Lost 8 pounds.

Abdominal pain, bowel irritations, constipation, diarrhea and bad breath gone. I continue to have intestinal gas.

BT went from 36.7 to 36.8 on the right ear, and 36.9 to 37 on the left ear.

Saliva test – improved and not yet 100%.

It was fun having discussions with my tag team.

Team 59 was a fun team.

My biggest success is all the learning. My mind is stretched. I am looking forward to the year.

I have lots to work on and excellent advice from Donna and TAFYH.



BSQ dropped 33 to 17

Circulation 8 to 0

Nerves 6 to 3

Glandular 4 to 2

Heart palpitations have subsided

Constipation gone

Sugar cravings gone

BT increased from 36.2 to 36.8

Blood pressure 120/86 to 115/78 weaning off BP meds

Hot flashes still there; weaning off Synthroid