Thursday, April 8, 2021

TAFYH Completion March 25, 2021 by Gayle


Success Story

Disease tree Symptoms


-              Waking up at night

-              Arthritis

-              Food sits heavy

-              Dry skin

-              Sugar cravings

-              Brittle fingernails

-              Abdominal pain or discomfort


-              Arthritis

-              Waking up at night

BSQ in Jan, 2021 was Structural 5, Glandular 4, Digestive 4, Hepatic, Intestinal, Urinary, Nerves, Reproduction 1 for a grand total of 18

BSQ in March, 2021 is 2 Structural, Urinary, Glandular and Nerves 1 for a grand total of 5.

Body temperature started at 36.7 C and was 36.9  this morning.

Candida test clear from the start.

Blood pressure originally 128/81, pulse 65 and currently 124/73, pulse 69.

Weight decreased 2 pounds. More to go

TAFYH Evaluation


As this is not my first trip with Donna and her extremely enlightening program, this has bee a review of Ah Ha’s for me.  I did learn that psyllium should not be taken within two hours of beneficial oils or medication, as it may bind to them and move them through the body with out time for the body to receive benefit from them.

After shifting to this method of eating and supplementation in 2013, my body was quite clear if I went astray in my diet.

The Ah Ha’s, for me, are that there was a lot I did not understand about my body’s requirements based on generalized information absorbed through my life. I want quality of life and Donna’s information will guide me. As a result of the knowledge gained through TAFYH, I did not kill my thyroid as recommended by a specialist. I went back to see him, seven years later. He was happy to learn I was healthy and gladly sent me for blood tests to verify it. I have kept my body free of Candida.  My circulation has improved. I know that I can reach for Cat’s Claw and silver for wounds and inflammation. I have HRP-C on hand in case we feel a cold coming on. I know its time for a kidney cleanse if my lower back rumbles a little.




I really enjoyed our lighthearted, informative 20-minute evening sessions.  It was an uplifting way to end the day. I also appreciated the one-week recess just before the final week. It gave us an extension of time to be together.


I do wonder if the commitment statements could be consolidated to save a little time and allow for just a little more discussion or question period time. I would prefer to have that option instead of the Create statement also. I love the gratitude statements and I also see the value in the Acknowledgement statements on Fridays.

I do like the three presentations of the lessons: read by Donna, emailed to us to print off or save and reread, plus the sharing of two important concepts by all the group members in the following lesson.


There is a wealth of education based on research and Donna’s years of experience in helping her clients regain their health. This program also allows students to take on leadership roles and share Donna’s program with others. Since 2013, Donna has always promptly answered any questions I have asked via email or telephone. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to meet with Donna in Saskatoon as she and her husband did some travelling and presentations throughout Canada.


Donna has devised an excellent program with so much information in a very concise package. I do think the program can be a little daunting to someone with a busy time schedule, but well worth the effort. I do hope the new revised class table of Contents and lesson numbers coincide.  For someone with time constraints, it can be confusing in trying to catch up. I appreciate the ongoing revisions and additions that are made to the program. It is not static. Donna is always looking at ways to improve the information that she shares.


Commitment is a very personal thing, but this course with Donna’s cheerful and demanding expectations sure has encouraged me to stay committed. It’s not difficult as results show up quickly and last for me.  I understand there can be challenges for some as they detox from serious symptoms, but Donna is always there for support.


I want the world to know and understand how much value there is in truly understanding what your body requires, why so much is missing in our diet, how we are affected by toxic environments, emotions, foods. I meet people who have been disillusioned by previous forays into herbal or alternative programs that have been incomplete. If only they had started with Donna Roth and the quality line of products that Nature’s Sunshine offers. Fortunately for me, I grew up in a home that questioned ideas. I learned to look for solutions to problems. My body gave me little projects to work on and I paid attention. As a result, I feel pretty darn good! I receive guidance to solutions and people like Donna. How does it get any better than that?

Reaching Others

I always have this program on my mind and speak of it when the opportunity arises. As a result of sharing information, one woman used it to recover from her breast cancer challenge. Many others I have reached out to, have passed on the opportunity. I have talked to people who have used this information and  recovered from a serious diagnosis and reported that their friends have commented on their good health and asked what they were doing.  They still did not follow up for their own health. Society is so ingrained in believing that a medication and/or doctor will fix everything. Personal responsibility is key here.

BSQ’s As Form Of Measurement

The Body System’s Questionnaire is an excellent visual guide to my body systems state of health. As I learn Donna’s program and follow its guidance, I can use the BSQ to point out symptoms that I could be overlooking. I learn what my body needs, I build it up, I detoxify it, I address specific issues I may have. I exercise and spend time outdoors. I use breathing exercises to assist me. My health improves, I reduce my supplementation, I eat well, I take what I believe to be necessary for me and I check in with my body and the BSQ. I reevaluate. I build and direct as required. I cleanse in correct order when necessary.


I will be forever grateful for all I have learned from Donna and her TAFYH program plus the quality products that Nature’s Sunshine provides. I believe there is always more to learn. I appreciate the webinars that are offered on Nature’s Sunshine including their Lunch and Learn 15 minute product webinars offered by Donna and her fellow Master Herbalists from across Canada.

I also appreciate the dedication that Donna has in committing her time to her free Monday night telecalls  for all who want to learn what she has to offer. 

A bonus is information that I have learned can be used to help animals maintain their health.