Thursday, April 8, 2021

TAFYH Evaluation by Shelly

 SHELLY’S Health Statement 

Life is awesome!

 I am SOOO lucky to be alive and I am grateful for every minute! 

I am in the best shape and health of my entire life!

 Everyday, I wake every completely alive and restored from an incredibly deep and restful sleep. 

I nourish myself with amazing fresh food, cystal clear water and great vibes! 

I hike, kayak and paddle board and do everything with boundless energy! 

I deeply love myself, my wonderful husband, family and friends and I cherish every thing I get to do and experience with them. I live in a beautiful place where nature surrounds me and I hike, walk and run thru the woods everyday. It is where I recharge my negative ions. 

I have a small but bountiful garden that gives me joy knowing I am feeding my body with organic and fresh fruits and veggies. 

I travel and seek new adventures! 

I have so much energy that Ben and I take overnight back packing trips thru the Rockies. I listen and hear what others say and appreciate there input and point of view!

 I learn something from everyone and I meet new amazing people everyday that surprise, inspire and enlighten me.

 Life is meant to be shared. I give love & I receive love without boundaries. I am proud of myself. I listen to my intuition. I heal from within. I love myself.

Shelly’s Success Story: Breast Cancer Warrior Goddess March 2021

 BSQ - Original Score: 41 New Score: 29 

Body Temperature :Ranges between 35.1 - 36.4 

Candida Test: No Candida at the start, no Candida now 

Weight: no change (already lost weight over the past 3 years prior to course) 

Sleep: no real change (going thru major healing crisis with cancering thru the course) 

Biggest Change: State of mind has improved. - Nervous System seems calmer and I am not in Fight or Flight (sympathetic mode nearly at all). Much more aware of when I am stressed and now I have so many tools to help me get back into a Parasympathetic state quicker. The support of others on the TAFYH team has been inspirational. Finding more like minded people who are looking for ways to live happier, healthier and longer lives creates a feeling of togetherness and also self reliance that western “NON-medicine” can’t provide. You are empowered when you are in control and you understand the laws of nature, which where all sources of healing come from. I will continue taking MC, PAW PAW, Flax Hull Lignans, my superfood smoothies and many of the other supplements to aid in my healing and overall health from now on. The Ionic breathing, the success stories, the AHA moments and lesson concepts will be resources and tools that I will use on a daily basis to keep a condent mind set, to calm my nerves and quell any doubts or fears they may arise. They are natural feelings, but letting them rule your life is not. They no longer control my health or my life. Right now... I am in the middle of my success story... as I use my new tools that I have learned thru TAFYH to keep helahty as I draw out the tumour and supporting my lymphatic and elimination systems as they manage the toxic over load that is about to be unleashed upon them. I now know so many more ways to do this, thanks to TAFYH. Thank you Donna and all the members of TAFYH 59!

TAFYH EVALUATION: SHELLY LUNDGREN - March 2021 TEAM 59 AH-HA Moments: One choice can change your life. Think about that. One choice, just one, can change your life forever. Simply put, your life today is what your choices have made it, but with new choices, you can change directions this very moment. From 1984 to 1988 the Peruvian physician treated 700 patients with 14 types of cancer successfully using Cat’s Claw and other herbs The lymph fluids that bathe the outside of all the cells for moving out debris become stagnant and thick and they just are not able to move waste debris out efficiently Not only are you cleansing debris from the liver/gall bladder with this cleanse but also you are ridding your body from possible stored emotions of anger and frustration and strengthening the emotion of love. “There are only 2 ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.”

 Time: Worked fine for me. Able to get thru dinner and then have the call. 

Participation: Great to have the whole group chime in thru the calls and not just have it as a lecture format. It really gives the program a sense of teamwork. Personally, I think it would be totally fine to just group the check lists of “did you drink your smoothie, do ionic breathing, journal, eat the right foods, take your supplements, exercise, etc” in one “YES I DID” instead of 3 rounds per person as it does get a little long in the process to get thru that portion of the call. 

Education: I found it a good resource for people to then take the lessons excerpts and quotes and information and research the topics further on their own. Having the quotes and statements the we made by certain doctors and professionals was great so you knew who said or believed what so you could taek it upon yourself to look into each topic further and find there articles, websites, books etc and do further learning on your own time. Structure: The layout of the course was great. Easy to follow. Easy to understand.

 Information: I found it to have a lot of small articles that that gave quotes and statements that would be best followed up by the students finding the source and reading the author, doctor or scientists full article or book to see how they arrived at their findings so you had a far greater understanding but it was great to get a base that touched on so many topics. Time does not allow in-depth studies on so many facets of health, that would be a full time mutli year endeavor! Luckily, I was familiar with many of the topics from my own research over the past 3 years but it was great to see my findings and people I agreed with to be such a big part of the program. That left me with a far better sense that I was on a good path and now I have even more articles and topics to explore and learn about on my own time. 

Commitment: Totally doable. Easy to be committed to doing so many things that make you feel better about yourself both mentally, physically and emotionally. If you aren’t ready to commit to these simple diet & lifestyle changes, then your not ready to change. 

Application: Easy enough to apply... take some supplements, make a smoothie, do some exercise of your choosing, be grateful do some healthy breathing, do a little journaling, create some positive emotions, and connect with a support team for support ... easy squeezy zambizi! 

Reaching Others: I have found over the 3 years of my transformation and healing journey that the best way to “reach” others is to just let them see the results. No one wants to be preached to, harped on or compared to so saying nothing but letting them ask you questions “ how did you lose so much weight?”, “why does your skin glow?”, “ where do you get all your energy?” and then you can share. Opinions are like toothbrushes... we all have one so there is no need to share... unless someone forgot theirs. Or asks for yours. 

BSQ as a form of measurement: I like it. Makes people take a good look at what’s really going on. You forget how you feel sometimes because you are so used to it. Great to have it on paper and see the correlation of what your symptoms mean to your organs and body systems. Paints a much better picture of what’s really going on inside your body and mind. 

Comments: I think the course is informative, fun and affordable for most people to get a glimpse into a better way to treat their body and best of all... how THEY are in charge, not their so called doctor or the drugs they push down your throat. Empowering people with information and letting them know THEY are responsible for what they put into and onto their bodies, and that they are in charge of the quality of their health, happiness and life is invaluable. Why accept poor health from a failing/corrupt medical system when you can take action for your health and be responsible for how you look, act and feel... is it really anyone else’s job anyway? THANK YOU DONNA, for being energized, positive and knowledgeable. I am glad I took the class!

Shelly’s HEALTH PLAN March 2021

 A - Activate: Walk 5km day until I can manage more, Rebounding to stimulate my lymphatic system, Do deep cycle breathing, Ionic breathing, dynamic meditation (healing with the power of the mind) Create positive emotions with everyone I see or meet. Express on going gratitude. Get outdoors as much as possible. Hug s tree. Kiss a dog. Laugh loud and long and with the ones you love. Keep your mind, body and soul engaged and always stay fearless. Take Cat’s Claw daily for lymphatic system. . 

B - Build: Eat a healthy KETO DIE that is sugar free, lectin free, organic and veggie filled. Consume only cold water caught seafood and wild meats or organic meats, chicken and eggs. Get plenty of Omega 3s and use only organic, unheated, unprocessed Coconut oil or Ghee for cooking, and cold presssed olive oil for dressings. Drink plenty of good water, herbal teas and Super Smoothies each day with Chinese Mineral Chi Toni, Flax Hull Lignans, Green Zone & Solstic Energy. 

C - Cleans e: Keep elimination channels flowing with Psyllium Hulls Combination, LBS 11, with periodic Bowel, liver, kindey and gallbeladder flushes/cleanses. Drink chlorophyll with water throughout the day. 

Direct Herbals – MC - 12 per day Paw Paw 9 per day Turmeric Curcumin 2 CoQ10 2 Super Omega 3 EPA 1 with each meal, Protease Plus 3 2xdly Vitamin D3 and K2 Iodine (Lugols) Chaga, Turkey Tail, Reishi mushrooms

 My healing journey will continue with all of the above daily practices. I will stay positive and confident that my body has every desire, ability and power to be healthy, strong and vibrant. I now know more than ever before that what I THINK, SAY, FEEL and DO both to myself and to others are truly what will hurt or HEAL me. Its really so simple... Garbage in = Garbage out. Whether it’s toxic water, food, environment or emotions. It’s all the same. All of the above are replaced forever. I will make it my daily practice to treat myself with far more patience, love and kindness and that will automatically become how I treat every other aspect of my life. I feel energized and connected to myself and all of my TAFYH Team and that gives me so much joy and courage to stay on the road to pure health. The people you meet, the choices you make and the attitude you take make all the difference in the world. I go forward with only one thought... I GOT THIS.