Thursday, April 8, 2021

TAFYH by Chad

 Success Story (thus far)

1.     BSQ changes; total score went from 26 to 16

a.  Reductions of Digestive, Hepatic, Intestinal, Circulation, Nerves, and Glandular  

2.     Overall sense of well-being increased (don’t feel run down all the time)

3.     Body temp has averaged 97.04F at start to 97.12F recently (been testing every week day since TAFYH started)

4.     Candida Saliva test, from the first to the last test the last test was not as cloudy or stringy

5.     Energy levels have increased, especially noticed when sleep is longer than my regular time of sleep. (Normally when I slept in I used to get a headache)

6.     Weight-loss was low…but body structure changed in its shape…some areas have “tightened” up.

7.     Appetite has diminished…

8.     No cravings…of any type.

9.     Inflammation has reduced in many areas of my body

10. Some of the edema in my legs has also reduced, and a rash on one leg has also completely disappeared.

11. One change that I noticed was a “pressure” or “tightness” in my groin area that it wasn’t until about the third week of TAFYH that I noticed was gone and has not returned!!!!

12. TAFYH has sparked a desire in me to want to further my expedition into this field of health. As it has been such a positive experience and a great encouragement to me!!!!

TAFYH Evaluation Sample

1.      AHHA’s; During the course I had more than one AHHA moment in some lessons. Ionic breathing and it’s affect on balancing out your body’s ionization.  The impact of mental and emotional stress, Nutritional deficiencies, physical trauma, and toxic overload as the four ‘root’ causes of life or ad seen in the disease tree! How a lack of nutrition can hinder the bodies ability to rebuild itself efficiently and effectively (skin rebuilds in one month, ability to rebuild your bone structure in three months). The use of lectins and gliadins in our food and how toxic they are to our systems. How herbs are able to be fuel sources for the reconstructing of organs, glands, bones and brains. Also  how Dr Linus Pauling found in 1970 “You can trace every disease ailment to a mineral deficiency.” How body temperature affects so many bodily processes, and that only a half degree can affect your immune system by 35%. Yet, through the the understanding of say the Chinese Constitutional elements, and how the are directly linked to the body (physical, emotional and processes) and through the use of super foods like Chinese Mineral Chi Tonic or red foods (like red meat) with relation to the fire element as an example…we can turn these issues around.

2.      Time; I found the length of time to be a bit to short (for myself). I enjoyed how quick some of the lessons were and how we were given something to look forward to at the end of our day. Spending time with other people to hear their revelations and struggles encouraged me that we are not alone in the endeavor to gain better health!!!!! I also found that being with a group of like-minded individuals…created the need to be accountable for our participation as well as our support. Woohoo team 59!!

3.      Education; I so enjoyed the learning…so much so that I am now looking into becoming an herbalist. With my background in sports as well as being a life coach for people…learning to take action for your own health is a paramount addition to that type of support. This includes family, friends and friends to be.

 4.      Structure; I enjoyed the structure…the points of view of others makes you see things that you would miss through your own narrow field if view. As some ancients writings state, “out of the mouths of two or three comes wisdom…” Also the use of more than one teaching mode (hearing, reading, speaking) really encourages retention.  

5.      Commitment; Being committed to the group, was at the start daunting. But, over the course of the programs weeks it was a pleasure to share with and receive what was seen or going on in my teammates lives. Which in turn created more commitment to make sure you were ready for each class. And in turn has compelled me to look deeper into the use of nutrition and its us in our lives and the lives of others.

6.      Implications; there were over the course of the program many things that parroted other teachings I had come across. And yet there were many lessons that I had never heard before that made logical sense. There is a sense of freedom from the tyranny of the medical system for the health side of my life. Knowing that we have access and understanding to now help ourselves and others brings a sense of relief, hope and peace!!!!!

7.      Reaching Others; I definitely want to help others and will continue to absorb the information we have been given. But also continuing to develop a greater knowledge base that will be transferable to others.

8.      BSQ’s as form of measurement; I found this tool quite useful…I have yet to use it with someone but I do refer to it in my conversations with people about evaluating their own health and that at any time we could go over it if they so choose.

9.      Comments; Thank you Donna for your wisdom and experience garnered over the past 35+ years. Also for your passion and desire to see people operating in their peak health. You are inspiring and encouraging….       Thank you!!!!!!!


Health Plan

1.     Vision of health

a.  My body is full of energy, vitality and contentment. I am at a most favorable weight and all of my bodies systems are functioning in harmony. I am in peace!!! I have an amazing wife who I am passionate about and two young boys who are amazing. I am experiencing; love, well-being, good cheer, good health and blessings.

2.     New ABCDE Therapeutic nutrition plan

a.       A – continue with cats claw combo, weightlifting and walking and ionic breathing.

b.      B – continue to eat the right foods, and having a smoothie twice a day

                                                              i.       Red - Chinese mineral chi tonic Yellow - MCT Oil White - Collagen Blue - water and berries Green - green Zone Stixated, lugol’s solution

c.       C - psyllium hulls LBS 11, chlorophyll & water

d.      D - Haptic - Liv-C, and continue using Protease plus three times a day, but also include capsicum to raise body temp and include K-C of the water element to address the edema in my legs.

e.       E - express gratitude that with proper nutrition my body will heal itself!

3.     I will meet and consult with Donna to re-evaluate where I am at and make any adjustments. I will continue to development my knowledge base by learning more about natural health remedies.

 4.     Planned cleanses;

a.  Candida clear

b.  Liver cleanse

c.   Kidney flush

d.  Bowel cleanse

e.   Gallbladder cleanse