Thursday, April 8, 2021

TAFYH Evaluation by Susann

 EVALUATION _________________

 AHHA: I often could not choose between the “Ahha” moments! There were so many! The nerve endings of organs are found in the large intestines and the teeth! I did not know how easy it is to test inflammation...just wrap your hand around your wrist and feel how spongy it feels. The spongier it is, the more inflammation there is! I'm so happy to have learned about the “first aid kits” including medical emergency for heart attack to be treated by natural supplements! Cancer can not be “cut out” and will come back if our bodies don’t and can’t get rid of toxins. I feel sorry for people who had to “get rid of” their body parts for not knowing this information! The disease of the brain happens when the probiotic bacteria is overrun by the candida yeast so there is no circulation of O2 and nutrients to feed the brain. Vaccines are harmful to the brain since they contain solvents which break down the fat matter and in addition poisonous mercury and aluminum particles are damaging the brain cells, causing disease. Our organs have the ability to heal themselves from 5 days (stomach lining) to 4 months (blood) with the entire body rebuilding itself in 365 days! Remarkable! Nature Sunshine products are the only products that carry the ISO 9000 certification in the world! The Chinese Elements have broadened my knowledge of what organs they represent and how interconnected they are when it comes to becoming ill then what to do to become healthy. Too much alkalinity in the stomach is not so good as reduced acid quantity can’t break down protein properly into much needed amino acids. How low body temperatures need to be brought up to 37C, so cancer does not have a chance of survival. I loved the lesson about Essential oils and appreciated the recipes how to make cleaning supplies, cosmetics, natural perfume, cookies.

 TAFYH  TIME: I loved that we started at 8:30 in the morning! What a great beginning to the day! It gave me the opportunity to listen to the lessons first then go to work, then study later and complete the assignments and report to my tag team. As far as the length of course, I wish it could have been longer! 

EDUCATION: I have always loved the alternative healing methods developed by using herbs and here I found incredible, in-depth information with Donna's course! I also love that Donna provided references from doctors, researchers, scientists so we can continue researching, reading, and educating ourselves. I looked forward to receiving the testimonials of the people who recovered from their illnesses and shared with how they had achieved such successes! 

STUCTURE: The structure was excellent! I loved that we interacted with each other and heard each others’ voices by reading our “Ahha-s, concepts, creating health, being grateful each day. We also discussed questions and spoke about main concerns we are dealing with. I felt that we have created our “little group of health family”. 

COMMITMENT: The course was designed to be accountable for our commitments. Reading the lessons, reporting to our tag team, completing the chart, writing down what we are grateful for, how we are creating health, ionic breathing, exercising, eating the right foods and taking our supplements and drinking water with chlorophyll. The commitments became a routine in my daily life to it was easy to follow them. 

IMPLICATIONS: Looking after our health has become more important than ever. Our air and water are polluted, our soil is depleted of nutrients therefore our fruits and vegetables are as well. There are “fake foods” that have flooded the grocery store shelves. Sugar is added to almost every food item we buy! We are bombarded by 5G, EMF, ELF, radiation from our appliances, TV-s, electronic gadgets, chem-trails. It is the accumulation of these and other harmful ingredients/elements that is detrimental to our health. Knowing what food groups to eat and what supplements to take are of great importance! 


Our health care system is failing us; the doctors want to overmedicate us, cut out our body parts, radiate us, chemically treat us instead of offering advice about how to prevent getting sick. If they are not ready, able, and wanting to do that, we will have to! I’m most grateful for Donna who dedicated decades of her life to do the research and put this course together! Donna, you have shown proof that we can heal our body if the right conditions are provided! My goal is to share what I have learned with people so they can have their “Ahha” moments as they choose the road to recovery and maintaining good health! I express gratitude to you Donna for your invaluable work, to Fran helping me with her encouragement and assistance, everyone in our TAFYH team for making me happy every day and my TAG team who cheered for me, my husband, family and friends who are in my life. May you always enjoy happiness, beauty, peace, freedom and good health! I respect and love you all! 

In Gratitude